Old versions of Windows such as XP were easy to image. We installed the OS and the apps, applied the updates and then took the image of the computer. We then deployed that image to dozens or perhaps thousands of similar computers. We might have used third party utilities along the way to help with […]

cryptolocker help IGTG

Cryptolocker Attachments Look Legitimate A few weeks ago a client was attacked and his computer and server user files were encrypted by a strain of ransomware malware. There are many, many strains and each are shrouded or hidden in legitimate looking attachments sent via email or legitimate looking links in the message body of emails […]

IGTG Cryptolocker Help

Cryptolocker Attacks Our Client’s Files This past weekend one of our clients mistakenly clicked on an attachment in an email that appeared to legitimately come from FedEx International. The PDF attachment was a shipping label or so it said. Up-to-date A/V scanned it as it was opening, but nothing actually opened! The PDF was a […]

IGTG Windows 10 Apps

Windows 10 has been with us for a little more than one year.  During that time, I’ve upgraded a number of workstations using the free offer.  I’ve also assisted with imaging deployment using Micro Focus ZENworks to deploy Windows 10 Professional to dozens or hundreds of computers. Window 10 Default Apps Have Limitations In several […]